First images from SHOCK device

First images from russian cameras with ultra-wide FOV, SHOCK were recieved on May, 14, 2016. Two unique mini-telescopes with a 1000 square degrees FOV each started to work in space for the first time. These cameras are designed for simultaneous optical observations of the most powerful explosions in the universe – GRBs, which are the result of a collision of neutron stars and black holes (short gamma-ray bursts).

At the same time, these cameras are the prototype of future asteroid hazard warning system. We have already seen on the first images tens of artificial objects that are flying near the satellite.

SHOCK - first images

You can see some of such objects on MSU SAI web-page. These are mostly satellites and space debris. Close satellites and debris appear as bright stripes. Distant stars slowly shift over the image due to satellite orbital motion.

This is a result of the SHOCK device first test. The general monitoring of near-Earth space is still ahead.