Optic cameras of  super-wide field of vision (ShOK)

ShOK device consists of two stationary fast wide-angle cameras. Their field of vision is situated within the area of gamma-bursts’ detection of other instrumentation onboard “Lomonosov” satellite.

What’s an idea of the measurement method?

Field of vision of each camera is about 1000 square degrees, and maximum framing rate is about 5-7 frames/sec. In fact, cameras record “a movie” continuously, and is case of gama-burst detection part of this movie can be transmitted to the Earth.

Among the bursts it is possible to process the images in order to find optical transients: super novae, novae, “orphan” bursts, asteroids and near-space objects and space debris.

It must be emphasized that ShOK device will be the first orbital experiment with cameras of super-wide field. Development of registration methods of dangerous asteroids and space debris from space are of particular interest.

Scientific problems: