One of the most mysterious phenomena in he Universe is gamma-burst – short (from dozens of milliseconds up to dozens of seconds) increases of the flux of gamma-quants up to the energy of at least ~109 eV.Discovered in 60s years of 20th century they are still at the cutting edge of astrophysics. These phenomena being the most powerful in the Universe occur not only in gamma-range, but also in optic and UV.

Why is it important?

Gamma-bursts were discovered in 60s years of 2oth century but only after 1997 were the optic emission of gamma-bursts was detected for the first time  it became clear that we deal with the most powerful processes in the Universe. The energy of the explosion of these most bright astrophysical objects achieves 1051 erg. As often as not optical emission lasts up to several hours and it can be an evidence of afterglow which appear after a giant explosion in the external shock wave expanding in the interstellar space and stellar wind of the exploded star. Probably, it is a process of collapse of a fast-rotating massive star to a black hole or confluence of a neutron star and a black hole. Butt these models are under discussion and the nature of this extraordinary phenomenon is still unknown. Due to unusually powerful brightness of gamma-bursts, studying of the properties of these astrophysical objects allows the researchers to look in the epoch of the early Universe development – to study evolution of the stars and the stellar populations within the range of red shift z = 0-15, it is more than 98% of the age of our Universe.

Experimental equipment:

Device BDRG

Device ShOK

Device UFFO