Scientific instruments short tests

We are currently carrying out express tests of the scientific instruments as a part of on-orbit check-out of the Lomonosov scientific complex.

At first we have checked DEPRON, which is exploring a dose situation around the spacecraft, and near-Earth radiation dynamics, and IMISS-1, a device for microaccelerations registration for a research program of human vestibular disorder compensation in microgravity. Next one was a BDRG X- and gamma-ray spectrometer for GRBs registration.

DEPRON device flight check
BDRG device flight check
Earth Radiation Belts according to the DEPRON (up) and BDRG (down) instruments

IMISS-1 device flight check
Zero Gravity on Lomonosov according to the IMISS-1 instrument

We have obtained the first images from ultra-wide-FOV cameras, SHOCK. These cameras are being the prototype of future space-based asteroid and space debris hazard warning system. We have already detected dozens of artificial objects flying by “Lomonosov”. Thus the basic scientific problem of the device is the registration of gamma-ray bursts in the optical range.

First images from SHOCK device

All tested devices operate correctly, scientific data is transmitted clearly.

We will continue testing the remaining two scientific instruments in the nearest future.