Lomonosov project

Lomonosov Moscow State University started a new scientific-educational project “Lomonosov”. Comparing to the previous satellites “Tatiana” and “Tatiana-2” this satellite will be bigger. In 2011 we’ll celebrate the 300th anniversary of an outstanding Russian scientist, the founder of our University, who contributed greatly into the scientific development. Therefore his name onboard the satellite is a tribute of memory and respect for this remarkable scientist.

Discussing about the purposes of the future experiments onboard this satellite we came to the conclusion that the studies of the extreme physical processes in the atmosphere, near-Earth space and in the Universe as a whole will never better fit this project. These problems are on the front burner of the up-to-date fundamental space physics and astrophysics. Besides, one of the most outstanding scientific results was obtained by M.V.Lomonosov within the field of the studies of the atmospheric electricity and  atmospheric luminescence – aurora. Currently these problems are still of great importance.

Fig.1. A drawing from the book by M.V.Lomonosov.

Certainly, the experiments onboard the satellite “Mikhailo Lomonosov” will contribute greatly to the development of the human knowledge in the field of physics,  in which M.V. Lomonosov started his studies (lightning character studies, etc.)