Information unit (BI)

Information unit (BI)

Information unit is needed in order to provide control of the scintific equipment complex onboard the “Lomonosov” satellite. It provides collection, storage and transmitting of the telemetric information to the Earth.

Why is it necessary?

Information block is developed in order to provide operation of the scientific equipment complex onboard the “Lomonosov” satellite and its operative and flexible control during the execution of the scientific program.  The service systems of the basic satellite platform can’t fit the requirements of the unique scientific experiments – complicated scientific equipment, huge volume of scientific information storage, high-operative control of the equipment, therefore it was necessary to develop a special information unit.

Parameters of the unit

Voltage, V 18-36
Power supply, W ~31
Data exchange rate, (interface Ethernet), Gbit/s 1
Data exchange rate, (interface CAN), Mbit/s 1
Command exchange rate, (interface CAN), Mbit/s 1
Spaceship command exchange rate, (interface МКО), Mbit/s 1
Data transmitting rate, (interface LVDS), Mbit/s 15,44
Drawoff device control rate, (interface RS232), Kbit/s 19,2
Scientific information memory volume (with bakup), TByte 1
Mass, kg 8,5